Wednesday, April 14, 2010

feelings of love that I cant stand it anymore.

I love him already I can not stand it anymore. it seems so I told him I loved him. he really could make me forget Andre Sondakh. not even the slightest affection for Andre Sondakh. all are forgotten with the flash because the presence of a man who was so charismatic, smart, cool, understanding and loving. recently he broke up with her gf. but until now she still loves ex-gf named Jani. and so do I still love alex. we were both still in love with ex  but we were very close like a dating and we were both single. he often kissed her lips and cheeks and I often kiss on the cheek and lips. and today I was really pleased, as I eat my chicken noodle shop menggobrol with stall keepers and he said to the kiosk if I was his gf. I was thrilled. it seems like a confession of love for me. and the time at my friend's house, when my friend ratih's banner to the house to play when I was chatting with a ratih friends  she suddenly asked me "lingkan gf whom?" and I replied with "trivial Singles I" and then he immediately biacar "oo. so I'm not considered a bf" I'm very glad he's saying. things like that. if you can ask me I hope she becomes a bf. and when all that can be erratic. I am who he really is

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