Saturday, November 21, 2009

try to forget u

every day I try to forget you. I tried to find activities, playing with friends, laughing with friends even if it was forced to laugh. you still have in mind slalu me. I think you just continuously. I do not have to pake tu longer any way to forget you. I do not want to immediately find a boyfriend to forget you. because it was tantamount to escape. I do not want it. I want to forget you with a kegitan. but every activity that I always pictured you. I sing a song for you when you want to sleep. I remember when you call me, I was playing the piano. You told me to play the piano and then you listen to my piano playing. I tried to forget it all. I started to become crazy karna ye. I gather the songs of people who are heartbroken. I collect songs that tells me and you. How else should I try. I slalu just thinking about you. but you're not necessarily thinking of me. maybe you already have other women you care about. may love you the same feeling I had lost. I'm tired. I tired to forget you.

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