Wednesday, December 16, 2009

just waiting ur promise. : )

I always miss the first time with him. I really want him back. like what he said to me. "I love you until the end of the year a chance to return again to you" I was always waiting for that promise. where I always expect the promise that you said, even though you seem not to remember the promise that you said. and I really expect all the promises that you said you actually keep. I was always waiting for you here. I always open my heart wide open for you and this heart I will never close to you. because I always care about you. though many men who fall into lives of me, a man close to me. but only you that there is always dihati me. I always asked God "God, what he's always thinking about me?" was all I could think of. I hope that you're thinking of me. you have high morale, you have the independence that was so extraordinary, although not at the right age for you, your adult children older than age I was when you are not age appropriate for my age and older and older he's still me than him , you are a smart man, you the man who had to displinan high, you have a sense of high responsibility. I was always proud of you. What are you doing I'm always proud. I was lucky to meet with you. I've never met a man like you. I am grateful to god I've never reconcile with you. I can only pray to god that you at my back again. I wish you the same heart I have never lost. I ask god. he only man I love. he's the only soul I have long lost. I'm always in love with you. I always miss you. I always wish the best for you. I will always be proud of you.

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