Thursday, February 11, 2010

I now just feel so he when he's like what I feel, too.

The first time I was very close to him, I felt very happy. but my boyfriend is a friend of him when he was 1 racing team.. but I'm still close to him because I liked it. if she went anywhere outside the country once did he always told me and always let me when he was there. he always told me, he often called me. when I broke up with my boyfriend, I'm getting close to him. so close, I almost like her boyfriend. but when I saw him race in Project all began to change. when I began to close with my ex again and I'm a fool for going out again with my ex's. he went away from me. What she felt sick when I was dating my ex. ill see me entirely mixed-romance in fb. because I feel like that now I see dating wounded. he looks so happy now. He also had two facebook. but he's second facebook block my facebook, because at first I could see both his facebook, but now I can't find a his second facebook. I am very sad. sick to see it all. all happened because of my own stupidity.

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