Friday, February 26, 2010

now I know. who I really love.

I was wrong all this time I feel the same as you. I used to think I'm just amazed at you. but this feeling is wrong. I'm actually very fond of you. I always thought I just love him not you. I'm really very fond of him. but all were wrong. I think so because he was so filling empty days I like a friend. I still can't understand the difference affection as friends or love to men. but now I understand. I would love to walk with you than I was walking with him. if I walked with him as I was walking with my friend. I also love your family because they are very good with me, if her family she was I didn't know them, they met had never been. why I love you because I'm comfortable with you and your family. and your sense of loss was so different with him. More pain of losing you than with him.

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