Sunday, August 22, 2010

kata-kata yang selalu cewe katakan jika dia merasa "TIDAK YAKIN"

why I can't believe if he really loves me. the attention he's been given me that he was able to show that he loved me. why my heart can't believe it. what's wrong with him. and the answer is not at all.

I'm suck,you good.I'm fuck,you not.I'm stupid,you smart,I'm ugly,you cool.

I dont want a relationship with you if your heart doesn't love me but other people that you love 

dont say you love me if the word love is only in your mouth not in your deepest heart

what will he do if he were hangout with me a sudden we met with his ex-girlfriend. maybe he will turn away from me

ok I'm starting to feel foolish with all your love sweet greeting that only your mouth 

you praise your ex-girlfriend more than me. ok. it's because I was worse than your ex-girlfriend

is it true you love me and you've really forget your ex-girlfriend's.

wahaha. funny . but sometime i feeling it & that's true :p

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